Fire Safety Checklist

Please use this check list to inspect your home with the goal of answering “YES” to each question.

Plan To Get Out Alive

  • Do you have at least one smoke alarm on each floor of your home?
  • Do you test your 9-volt operated smoke alarms weekly and replace the battery twice a year?
  • Do you test your 10-year lithium battery operated smoke alarms weekly?
  • Have you installed a carbon monoxide alarm within 15 feet of each sleeping area and are they tested weekly?
  • Does your family have a “Home Fire Escape Plan” with a pre-determined location to meet outside?

Plan To Be Fire Safe

  • Do you always make sure that matches and smoking materials are out before disposing of them?
  • Have you made “Take Smoking Outside the Home” a safety rule for your family?
  • Do you read the warning labels on all aerosol cans? Some propellants are highly flammable.
  • If you have a family member in your home using oxygen is smoking forbidden in the same room with the oxygen equipment?

Electrical Hazards

  • Are there enough electrical outlets in each room to avoid the need for multiple attachment plugs and long extension cords?
  • Do you have special circuits for heavy-duty appliances such as air conditioners?
  • Do you frequently check extension cords and appliance cords for wear?
  • Do you avoid draping extension cords and wire over pipes or nails?

Housekeeping Hazards

  • Do you keep your basement, closets and attic clear of combustible materials?
  • Do you keep paint, varnish and other metal containers tightly closed?
  • Do you properly dispose of unwanted hazardous materials such as paint and varnish?
  • Does everyone in your family know never to use gasoline or other flammable fluids for indoor cleaning?

Heating and Cooking Hazards

  • Do you always turn off portable heaters when you go to bed?
  • Do you refill the fuel tank of your portable heaters outdoors?
  • Do you make sure that every portable heater is a safe distance away, at least 3 feet, from combustibles, such as, bedding and furniture?
  • Are your kitchen ranges, and heating equipment arranged so that curtains do not blow over or near the stove?
  • Do you make sure food that is cooking is not left on the stove unattended?
  • Do you turn pot handles inward from the edge of the stove?

Special For Parents

  • Do you keep matches and cigarette lighters out of the reach of children?
  • Do you leave a responsible person with your children when you for out (even for a short time)?
  • Does your babysitter know what to do in case of a fire or medical emergency?
  • Do you keep burning candles away from children and away from combustibles?